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This section of EssaySite is for those students who have already searched our database of 45,000+ essays without finding anything to help them write their own. By ordering custom work, students get to describe a specific research topic, to detail their subject parameters, and to mandate a strict deadline for the completion of our example. Put our team of academic experts to work... helping you find scholarly sources, current information, and a quality example from which to write your own essay....Complete our fast, easy custom research form and an EssaySite representative will call you TODAY to verify your order and confirm a guaranteed completion date!

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At EssaySite, we're used to dealing with college students in a rush to complete their own work. Even if your own essay is due in just a few days, we can still help! Simply choose any of the *emergency rush* options on our custom research order form to receive our example in your choice of one...two..or three days! Remember to leave yourself enough time to complete your own essay after receiving our assistance. If, for example, your essay is due in two days, you should request our "1 day" or "next noon" rush service so that you'll still have a full day+ to complete your work --referencing our example as one source. If your own essay is due early tomorrow, however, your best bet is to select an essay from our files instead-- since you'll need the rest of the night to finish your work..and clearly haven't left enough time for customized research assistance. 

Essays priced with the typical college student budget in mind...
Customized research essays are only $19.95 per page with normal turnaround time and free bibliographies. How do we do so much for so little? Volume! Those students studying business and/or economics are well aware of the ability companies have to persevere even with a relatively low per-sale profit margin. Major soft drink manufactures only earn pennies on each can of soda sold, but make millions of dollars due to the sheer volume of purchases made. EssaySite realizes that college students operate on tight budgets and thus, our prices were set long ago with our average customer in mind. $19.95/page has been established as a mutually-beneficial rate that enables EssaySite to survive while still keeping prices low enough to be affordable to most students in college. Even better, we accept payment via any major credit card so our student customers can finance their purchases over a period of time by paying their credit card company off in installments!

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