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Use this form if you've searched our site and know exactly which essay(s) you'd like to order. Pre-existing essays are only $9.95/page with free bibliographies and are sent within just a few hours via email or fax (fedex delivery is also available). Payment can be made via credit card, western union, check, or money order.  Click here to order! 

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This is the form to use if you haven't been able to find an essay on your topic at Ordering custom research for $19.95/page (plus a free bibliography) enables YOU to specify an exact research topic, subject area, and timeframe for completion. Every order for custom work comes with the guarantee that our research will be specific to the parameters of your request or we'll revise it at no additional charge! Click here to order! 

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Enter one .. or several words that describe your topic in the 'search' box above. Then hit the 'enter' button on your keyboard or click the gray circles next to that same search box. Within 30-60 seconds, a list of relevant essays will appear along with complete descriptions of each. Once you've found a few essays of interest, you can email us for a free, one page excerpt from each of them. If you can't find what you're looking for, come back to this page and choose the 'customized research essay option' instead. Finally, if you have questions about our service before ordering, click the "questions" button near the bottom or top of any screen.. EssaySite looks forward to assisting you!...


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